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There has always been something special – sophisticated – about Maxine Mckenley, creator of the World’s Most Sophisticated Brand of Eyelashes. Even as a little girl growing up in Jamaica, when all her friends were going barefoot, she always stayed nicely groomed. She wouldn’t be found any other way. At an early age, her elegance and independent-minded demeanor earned her the nickname “Risto.” Deriving from the word “Aristocrat,” which relates to “anything most elegant, or most stylish of its kind,” it aptly fits the description of Maxine. And she has magnificently captured that Aristocratic Spirit in her eyelash creation, Aristolashes Beverly Hills.

The Aristolash Beverly Hills brand reflects Maxine’s insistence on always leading with style and never apologizing for striving to be the best and look the best. It caters to every woman, for Maxine believes women should be empowered, always pushing the envelope of beauty. She wants each woman to exude confidence and ignite the passion of sophistication. Own it! “Cradling Your Innocence” is the slogan for Aristolash Beverly Hills. Be proud to be a woman, and dare to celebrate both the power and the vulnerability of your femininity.

Her chic, stylish and sophisticated eyelash brand took shape while she worked as an Assistant Vice President at CitiBank and as a Business Law Professor at International American University. Maxine had relocated in 2012 to Los Angeles, where wearing eyelashes was the latest fashion trend – and continues to be one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Wearing her creations each day, she would constantly receive compliments from her colleagues as well as just plain strangers. The Aristolash Beverly Hills brand had to be born…and so it was, in 2015.

Handcrafted from the softest, lightest and most natural looking false eyelashes you’ll ever wear, Aristolashes Beverly Hills are Grade A Luxury Mink lashes made with 100% genuine mink fur. When Maxine created this luxury brand of lashes, she had YOU – Every Woman – in mind!

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